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How SafeBart works

For trades

One trading partner enters the details of the trade, with an option of including pictures, for each side of the trade. These details are then sent via email to the other trading partner. If all details are agreed upon by both parties then each person simply packages their item and prints their shipping label directly off Safe Bart. All trades are inspected to ensure each partner has sent in what was described, with no scams possible.

 If your trade needs one side to add cash on top, we recommend using PayPal's invoice feature. This ensures that money can be sent risk-free.

For listing

Enter details of the item(s) you are posting for trade, including pictures, and what you are looking to trade for. You can post your listing to the marketplace, browse other listings, and send your listing to other users. You will be notified if someone wishes to trade for your item(s).


The price calculator will tell you your price given your own trade's weight and your zip code. This cost includes the shipping from our facility to your partner, as well as our middleman fee for inspection. The only cost not included in this price is what you will pay to ship to our facility in Perrysburg, Ohio. You can choose any form of shipping to send to us. We will be using USPS Priority Mail to ship all received packages.

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